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1" Scale Railroad Supply
Manufacturers of quality kits and component parts for 1/12 scale model railroading including the Nelson Gray product line.

A&K Enterprises
Live Steam & Lococomotive Supplies
Ageless Engines
Drawings and castings for 7, 9, 14, and 18 cylinder radial engines, 1/3 scale: Bentley 9 cylinder rotary engine, and steam boat engine and paddle wheel.
Alumilite Mold Making & Casting Products
Manufactures and distributes user friendly RTV silicone mold making rubber and urethane casting resins as well as mold releases, dyes, tools, and equipment for consumer and industrial use.
Alyn Foundry
Model IC casting kits.
American Model Engineering Supply
Suppliers of fittings, fasteners, supplies and unique tools for the live steam and model engine hobbies.
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BCC Products
They have the most extensive line of Plastic Tooling Systems available from a single manufacturing source. Since 1974, BCC has dedicated itself to provide the marketplace with products unsurpassed in quality and performance at an affordable price.
Bill Reichart's Model Engine Plans
Drawings for engines along with castings for the Panther Pup Engine
Blackgates Engineering
Drawings, Castings & Other Parts for Locomotives, Traction Engines, and Work shop Equipment.
Bob Dean Supply
1½" scale parts including a reflex glass sight gauge, Atlantic 4-4-2 and Pacific 4-6-2 frame kits, 74/79” driver castings in light, medium, and heavy counter weight versions.
Branchline Products
1½" scale parts in lost wax and sand cast castings to build Colorado narrow gauge box cars, drop bottom gondolas, high sided gondolas, stock cars, refrigerator cars and more.
Brunell Model Engineering
Model Steam Engine Specialists.
Bryte Rails
"Bryte Rails" is now manufacturing caboose markers, locomotive markers and switch lamps previously produced, for many years, by Maumee Model Car and Foundry in Maumee, Ohio. The caboose and locomotive markers are representative of the kerosene lamps produced by Adam Westlake (Adlake) and the Dressel companies in the later half of the 1800's and the first few decades of the 1900's.
Budget Casting Supply
Featuring supplies for the small commercial foundry and home hobby foundry.
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Cannonball, Ltd.
Super Mack 1½" scale engine. 1½" scale freight cars, freight trucks, passenger trucks, brake rigging and track supplies both as kits and RTR.
Carr's Locomotives
Builders of 1.6" scale 7½" gauge battery electric powered locomotives out of 16-gauge steel: AC 4400CW, Dash8-40CM, M420W, F-7A, F-7B and DT-2.
Can-Do Machinery Sales
Specializing in DIGITAL READOUTS for Milling Machines and Lathes.
Catfish Hollow Toys
Suppliers of 7¼" and 7½" gauge locomotives: 4" scale Hinkley 2-4-0, and the following 2½" locomotives from Maxitrak, Ltd in the UK: Pearl 0-4-2ST, Opal 0-4-2T, Arthur 0-4-2T and Li'l Jo 0-4-2T or 2-4-0.
Classic Motors
Antique scale model engines from the pioneer days of engineering. They are suitable for aeroplanes, ships, cars and there are also many stationary engines.
Coles' Power Models
Books, Plans, Castings, Nuts, Bolts, Piston Rings, Small Tools, Spark Plugs, Whistles, Lubricators, Pressure Gauges, MTP tap & dies, Scale valves and fittings, Stuart and A.J. Reeve's kits.
Colorado Gandy Dancer
Specializing in CNC Plasma Cut Shapes for Live Steam/Diesel Hobby.
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David Moore's Live Steam Catalog
Accessories for Live Steam locomotives.
Debolt Machine Inc.
They manufacture limited edition working models and engines. Their goal is to produce unusual and unique models that replicate the originals on a miniature scale and still remain fully functional. They offer three types of model kits: casting, mechanics and completely finished. All three kit types retain serial number designation indicating their state of completion as sold from Debolt Machine Inc. They have been servicing customers since 1980.
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E & J Winter Model Building Supplies
Plans and castings for Australian and British live steam locomotive designs, stationary and marine steam engines, IC engines, technical and Model Engineering books, tooling and fasteners.
Elliott Bay Steam Launch Company
Castings to build authentic single, double or triple expansion marine steam engines. Pressure gauges, ships' clocks, deck rails, pumps, plaques, deck hardware, etc.
Executive Model Design
Many times it is either difficult or impossible to find these rare treasures. Most items are either one of a kind or very limited production from a very talented craftsman's shop. If you have ever been to a model steam show or a model engineering show you will know exactly what I am talking about. Many of the individuals displaying models came from a different time. The time when steam were king and the industrial arts were vital to every young man. Whether you like to produce your own models from kits or castings or you prefer to purchase a completed model.
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Flashers R Us
We supply a variety of quality flashing, blinking, and lighting products for the model railroader. Primarily this is for the 7½" gauge, 1/8th scale modeler although many items can be used in other scales.
Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co.
North America's largest materials supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds. From urethanes and epoxies to specialty waxes, vacuum bagging materials, and silicone rubber. Freeman offers the most comprehensive selection of materials for prototyping, mold-making, modeling, toolmaking, composites manufacturing, and foundry patternmaking.
Friends Yankee Shop Models
CLASSIC LIVE STEAM OF YESTERYEAR.....dedicated to the preservation of historical coal-fired live steam locomotive designs in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch scale by Lester Danforth Friend, Yankee Shop Machinists, Friends Steam Models, Laverne Daniel Langworthy, and H.J. Coventry; the modern production of traditional "rough castings" for them; and their permanent return to market.
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Graham Industries
Specializing in ready to assemble steam engine kits.
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Hemingway Kits
Hemingway Kits provides uniquely practical tooling and challenging projects for the small workshop owner. Hemingway Kits provides a continuing, approved source for the classic workshop designs of G H Thomas, David Machin, “Dore”, C Tidy, “Tubal Cain”, J A Radford, Mark Figes, E Riley, J C Payne, J Beddard, Dick Stephen, Eliot Isaacs, Alan Timmins and many others.
Hillcrest Shops
Specializing in Steam Railway Equipment Fabrication and Restoration.
Historic Railway Consultants
Miniature Railway Equipment. Specializing in 5" Scale 15" Gauge Live Steam Designs.
Hobby Mechanics
Machine Tools and Accessories, along with Queensland Government Railways Steam Locomotives and Traction Engines.
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Industrial Metal Sales
High Quality Metals such as Aluminum,Brass,Copper,Stainless Steel,Cold Rolled Steel,Titanium,Inconel,and Magnesium.
Innovative Train Technology Co.
ITTC's HQ series sound effects modules are programmed from our vast library of sound scenarios. These sound effects will open up a new realm of realism for your layouts. In addition to the sounds in inventory, custom sounds can also be created to meet your specific needs.
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J & S Railcar
Building standard and custom train cars for the live steam hobbiest.
Jensen Steam Engines
Specializes in cast iron and brass, working miniature steam engines for hobbyists, educators.
Jereco RR
Machine Shop services for Rail, Switches and Crossings, Rolling Stock, And Locomotive.
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Kamilion Locomotive
Kamilion locomotive is introducing a line of locomotives from the 1940's and 1960's, in styles that are different from other manufacturers of 1½" scale diesel locomotives.
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Lee's Trains
Detail parts for diesel locomotives and gondola plans.
Liney Machine
Kits, plans and accessories for stationary steam engines.
Little Engines
1½" scale 7¼" and 7½" gauge live steam locomotive kits and accessories.
Little Samson Models
Drawings, information, and castings of the Savage 'Little Samson' steam tractor in 3" and 4" scale.
Little Steam Locomotives
7¼" and 7½" gauge Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger, Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Big Boy, USRA 0-6-0 Switch Engine, 2-8-0 Consolidation and USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific.
Live Steam Models
Live Steam Models is an established family business offering complete traction engine engineering capability for today's model enthusiast. They offer a range of drawings and parts for complete traction engines plus all sundries and materials the model steam enthusiast could need.
Live Steam Parts Company
Generators, injectors, lubricators, safety valves, steam pumps and valves, locomotives and rolling stock.
Supplier of casting to build the Western Maryland Railway #6 and the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad #12 Shay locomotives.
Loco Parts
Manufacturers of accessories for steam locomotives: sight glass, whistle valve, brake valve, boiler check valve, tender hand pump, tender water valve, four chime whistle, grate, propane burner and more.
Lone Star Engine Works
Scale stationary steam engines including the Corliss, Marion 25 and Aeromotor
Lubrication Specialties Corporation
Specialty Blenders of Heritage Lubricants.
For Steam Engines, Gas Engines & All Open Bearing Machines. The value of our premium products is proven by performance. Makers of Green Velvet and Chelesic Lubricants
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Macc Model Engineers
They stock BA nuts and bolts, steel bar and many other variety's of metal which can be cut to your required size and length, including phosphorus bronze and stainless steel along with a wide range of high quality steam fittings including steam driven water pumps, injectors, check valves, chime whistles etc.
Mamod Steam Models
Offers working stationary engines, locomotives, tractors and accessories.
Mason's Trains
1½" Scale locomotives and accessories.
Steam and electric locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessories in fully machined kits and ready to run.
MDM Locomotive Works
Manufacturers of 1½" scale diesel locomotive models, power trucks and accessories.
Midwest Model Steam Products
BH-2 Twin Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine, Heavy Duty Live Steam Turbo Generator, Locomotive Driver, Diesel Wheel, Pilot Wheel, Pyle-National K-240 Turbo Generator
Midwest Train Works
Specializing in 1" scale rolling stock.
Suppliers of kits, castings and accessories for model makers.
Minitech Engineering and Models Supplies
Suppliers of engineering equipment for light industry, schools and colleges and model makers.
Miracle Railroad Products
Suppliers of graphics and decals for the large-scale railroader.
MjN Frabrication
Ignition equipment for miniature internal combustion engines.
Model Engineering Supplies
Large selection of raw materials, hardware, and accessories for Live Steam hobbyists.
Model Rail Castings
Patterns fabricated from your drawings, and specific to your project, can be cast in a variety of materials using traditional methods. Lost wax castings are available in common bronze, brass and aluminum. Sand castings are available in bronze, brass, aluminum and iron. Plastic castings are available for architectural details not exposed to high heat, including clear and colored lenses for lighting.
Moe's Locomotive Works
Steam locomotives, locomotive parts, repair, maintenance & more.
Morrison Miniature Machines
Authorized dealer/agent for Syuart Models and Myford Ltd.
Morrison & Marvin Engine Works
Museum Quality Quarter Scale Engine Replicas and Casting Sets for Model Engineers.
Mountain Car Company
Manufacturers 1½" scale rolling stock including a complete line of heavyweight passenger cars, freight cars, passenger trucks and freight trucks.
Mr Motion
1½" scale "Shifter" locomotive.
Myers Engine Works
Producer of Model Engine Casting Kits for the Home Machinist.
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OMW Corporation
Custom machining, machine tools and scale railroad wheel gauges.
Otto Gas Engine Works
Supplier of piston rings from ¾" to 86" diameter.
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Pearl Engine Company
2-1/2 x 3 single and 2-1/2 + 2-1/2 x 3 twin steam launch engines.
Plum Cove Studios
Electric locomotive and "Phlatt" car.
PM Research Inc.
Working model steam engines & machine tool kits, model accessories and RTR hot air & Stirling engines.
Precision Locomotive Castings
Your source for 1.6" and 2.5" scale castings, rough or machined.
Precision Steel Car
1/8 Scale Train Car Kits and Accessories.
PuttPutt Steam Boats
Steam powered PuttPutt toy boats.
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Rail Rider Supply
Ready to Run Fairmont Speeder and riding car, 4130 Alloy Steel Wheels & Axle Sets.
Railroad Supply
Suppliers of 1½" scale steam locomotives (4-4-0, 0-4-0, 2-6-0 and 2-8-0), diesel locomotives (SD-35, GP-40, F-7 and GE-25), heavyweight passenger cars, rolling stock, accessories, track materials and other parts.
Railroad Warehouse
Supplier of the following 1½" scale products: 7½" gauge 2-8-2 90 ton logging Mikado kit, cast iron reefer ends, lost wax reefer hinges, old fashioned brake wheels, cast iron coupler kit and more. Bob has acquired the patterns, inventory, and steam accessories for the USRA Heavy Mikado originally produced by Chet Petersen.
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, or 'RP CYC' for short, is a continuing series of softbound books that provides invaluable information in a single source with a focus on the 1930s, '40s, and '50s. This was the "Golden Age" of railroads when steam locomotives and first generation diesels ruled.
Rail Systems Company
Manufacturer of RTR 1.6" scale gasoline/hydraulic 7¼" and 7½" gauge locomotives including: SW-7, SW-1500, RS-1, RS-3, Dash 8-40C, GP-9, GP-38, SD-45, Train Master, FA, PA and Baldwin S-12.
Real Trains
Manufacturers of 1½" scale train products including a battery powered industrial locomotive, a 2-8-4 steam locomotive, rolling stock (flat, gondola and tank), wheels, axles, brake piping, car parts and more.
Reeves 2000
Drawings, Castings & Other Parts for Locomotives, Traction Engines, and Stationary Engines.
Reliable Steam Engine Co.
Plans for building steam engines, Steam turbine and Steam boats. Casting kits, Finished steamengines, and other steam related products are also available.
Riding Railkits Inc.
Supplier for 1" scale model railroad enthusiasts.
Rio Grande Associates
1½" scale rolling stock including hopper cars, fishbellied flat cars, bulkhead flat cars and tank cars in both standard and narrow gauge.
Roll Models, Inc.
Manufacturers of five types of 3¾" scale battery powered industrial locomotives, six varieties of 3¾" scale steam locomotives, five different battery powered trolleys, and freight cars, all in 7¼" and 7½" gauge.
Ron's Model Engines
Building The 1/4 Scale 270 Offy: A Workshop Manual. Complete instructions for building an Offenhauser IC engine without castings.
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Scale Products Company
Working miniature train signals, replica mining cars, locomotives. candy factory animations, pirate ships, light houses, western town facades, depots, water wheels and tanks, scale traffic signals, custom training signals and anything else.
Bob Shores Small Gas Engines
Small Gas Engines Plans, Castings and Accessories
Southworth Engines
Southworth Engines produce and supply a range of castings and drawings for model steam stationary engines. The present range includes horizontal engines, boiler feed pumps (including one for full size steam boats), Chequer plate, O-Rings and books on full size engines. Please click on the links above to see the full range in detail.
Steam Fittings.com
Products range includes: Globe Valves, Check Valves, Clack Valves, Water Gauges, Lubricators, Pipe Nuts & Ferrules, Whistles, Whistle Valves, Boiler Blanking Plugs, Injectors, Pressure Gauges, Fusible Plugs and assorted Metric and BA Fasteners.
Stuart Models
Stuart Models are the oldest company in the world still producing a range of model steam engines. The business was established in 1898 with the founding principals of quality, service and commitment which have, to this very day, remained unchanged.
Sulphur Springs Steam Models
Aster, O.S. Engines, Stuart small hardware, books, drawings, and other miscellaneous materials.
SuperScale Locomotive Company
Fine quality injectors, valves, pipe fittings and accessories for the live steam fraternity.
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The Machinery Works
Live Steam Accessories Various accessories for your ¾", 1" or 1½" live steam project.
The Passenger Car Co.
1.6 Scale streamlined railroad passenger cars and parts.
The Tap @ Die Company
Manufacture and supplier of BA, BSBrass, BSCycle, BSF, BSPipe, BSPT, BSW, Metric, Model Engineer, NPT, UNC, UNF, and Special taps & dies from BA-16 up to 2" plus all forms of drills, reamers, and machine cutters for over 30 years. No minimum order (even 1 tool) SAME DAY shipping. There is a lot of technical-data on the web page.
Tiny Power
Offers the serious machinist/modeler a range of steam engine and hot air engine kits from small models up to an 8 h.p., 400-lb. compound.
Tom Bee
Couplers, Trucks, Freight Cars, and Parts for the 1.5" Scale Railroader!
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Warrick Sandberg
Maker of Live Steam Engines and Parts, including Westinghouse Single Cylinder Steam Pumps.
WILESCO-Steam Engines are toys with tradition. They convert water (steam) into mechanical energy just like the originals. This energy can be used to drive our models.
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Yesteryear Toys & Books
World's Largest Source of model toy steam engines from Mamod, Wilesco, Cheddar, Krick, Tucher & Walther, Hermann Bohm, and Blechspielzeug . Complete range of stationary steam engines, traction engines, toy steam trains, model boat kits, marine steam models, collectible tin toys, and stirling hot air engines.
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